Marion Church of Christ

2845 Hwy 64 W. | PO Box 209 | Marion, Arkansas 72364 | 870.739.1849

The History of the Marion Church of Christ

The Marion church was founded by students of the Memphis School of Preaching in the fall of 1974. The earliest student preachers were Dennis Roane, Jerry Bohannan and Michael Hughes. In 1997 Michael Hughes returned to Marion as its first-full time preacher and continues in that position until now.

The church has had three locations since its inception. In 2003, the church moved into its new building at its current site on Highway 64, on the western outskirts of Marion. As one see in the pictures on our home page, it is a beautiful gothic style building that has quickly become an elegant landmark in the community, attracting many wedding requests.

Through the years, as newly established churches tend to do, the congregation experienced struggles. But now it is a moderately-sized, fully developed congregtion with elders and deacons and a mature ministry both locally and globally.

Through the years, the Marion church has been active in Marion, Crittenden County and internationally in spreading the gospel. Local efforts have included door-knocking campaigns, gospel meetings, youth programs and various specially-themed programs. The congregation has suppored several U.S. and foreign missionaries and mission programs. Its major mission activity currently is the work of the Purpose and Vision mission that it supports in the nation of India.

The Marion church has been meaningfully involved in both benevolent and evangelistic activities for over two decades. In recent years, the church has spear-headed the development of two children’s homes there.

Our boys' campus is the Fleming Tarpidu Institute (usually known as F.T.I.) , in Bikkavolu, Andhra Pradesh, India. "Tarpidu" is the Telegu word for discipleship or training.

Our girls’ campus is in Tallapudi, Andhra Pradesh, and is named Devuni Varamu Mission (usually known as D.V.M.), which is translated as “Gift of God Mission.”

The Marion church continues its steadfast committment to Christ and the New Testament gospel. Locally, and througout the world, the Marion church urges people to believe and obey the gospel plan of salvation and live the faithful, holy Christian life.